Trips to Poland – Boat Cruises like no other

Trips to Poland – Boat Cruises like no other

Why trips to Poland ?

Poland is one of the best countries to visit in Europe in opinion of many tourists from around the globe. Statistics prove this statement true as every year more and more travelers enjoy their holiday in polish unique cities or beautiful countryside. Of course not every journey is the same. There are many ways to spend our time. One of the most popular activities are river and lake boat cruises that are organized in the biggest polish cities such as Krakow, Wroclaw, Warszawa, Gdansk and Poznan.

Different perspective, different experiences.

If we take a look at geography of Poland we can see many rivers and sweet water reservoirs across its territory. These rivers and lakes are used by travel companies to enrich experiences of visitors. All major polish cities have big rivers on their territory. Big coastal cities like Gdańsk or Gdynia can offer even ship cruises. But what is special in such boat cruises? Well, almost everything.

First of all boats and ships offer their passengers unique view and perspective at the local area. Second, trips to Poland usually mean traveling by buses and trains. These transport services usually are more crowded than boats. It means bit less comfortable journey than usual. Then we shouldn’t forget that most river boat trips can offer us seats at open air. Just imagine how nice is to cruise at night slowly and calmly through city center that is full of historic monuments and beautiful sights of nature. Stars and moon shine above your head and lights of city perfectly fit in with this magical place and time. We have to add here that polish cities are different from one another in a profound way. But one thing that is common to them is that they offer their visitors the best memories that cannot be forgotten.

Let’s not forget about other available attractions on boat (or ship) cruises. During such boat cruise travel company often offers their clients theater shows or even dancing events. Some other events may include paid actors that are costumed for example as crazy pirates, or romantic pair of lovers that join us during our journey. But some may say: “hey, what about food and drink?”. Well it is polish standard to serve guests in the best possible way. We can try traditional polish dishes that are delicious and are very filling. They are rich in vegetables, high quality meat and taste like heaven. We will be surprised with drinks too. Many types of beers or juices from fresh polish fruits should be more than enough. Not to mention light pricing for all products and quality services.

Every journey has its end

Every journey has its end, but after it another journey awaits! Same is true for agency that will organize for us our river boat cruise. Most often company that takes care of us during our travels is more than capable of organizing more events and services for us. All that we need to do is just ask about them our agent or guide. From Baltic sea to the mountains at south of Poland possibilities for travelers are limitless.