Krakow Hen Do

Krakow Hen Do

What would you say for a Boat Party Krakow Hen Do?

Boat Party in Krakow is an excellent choice for an exclusive stag do!
Just imagine enjoying a drink and listening to your favourite music while cruising down Vistula River on an glamourous catamaran. Our boat is equipped with two decks; the lower one with bar inside and the upper one open enabling a full view of Krakow’s magnificent landmarks. While sipping a long drink, the DJ will take care of the background tunes and you are granted full restaurant service. The feel of breeze during the cruise is a perfect trigger for a before party.

There are also possibilities to enhance the last night of freedom. Inviting strippers is always a classy move when already on a quality boat like the catamaran. The bride will surely be astonished by the density of things going onboard!

You won’t get more adorable views than from the boat and on the boat 😉

The minimum duration of a party is 1 hour but we are very flexible in negotiating terms, always aiming at win-win situations. Any idea of yours what can be added to the party is always much appreciated and we will strive to deliver the best tailored hen do experience you may have in Krakow. Boat Party is our team’s favourite; and it’s going to be your crew’s favourite party memory!