Cheap flights to Krakow

Cheap flights to Krakow

Looking for cheap flights to Krakow?

Cheap flights to Krakow – Poland’s former capital and most captivating city!

With Krakow castle as its centrepiece, the city basks in its’ Gothic and Renaissance glory. No other city in Poland holds as many historical monuments and buildings or such broad collections of art. The Old Town is Krakow’s main destination and most crowded area yet you will not encounter another main market square that big nowhere else. The nearby Jewish quarter is a haunting reminder of the tragedies of Poland’s past but also recently a popular destination for night-time lovers searching for an alternative to traditional clubs in the center.

Sightseeing will take up most of your days yet don’t forget to stop and enjoy some traditional Polish food, or perhaps something more international. Krakow has a variety of eating and drinking establishments, many tucked away down alleyways and in basements. It’s worth exploring to find them!

Krakow is a vibrant, life loving city with a charming atmosphere and friendly people; all set to a truly stunning backdrop of beautiful architecture.

If World War II history interests you then you shouldn’t miss the amazing museums at the Oskar Schindler Factory and Auschwitz as well. Both sites are devoted to the stories of the many Jewish and Polish people who lost their lives during the war, with Auschwitz showing guests the exact site of the concentration camps. Oskar Schindler’s Factory tells the story behind its founder and the many Jews he saved by moving them out of Kazimierz district. Both museums can be quite an emotional experience for those who visit, but definitely one that shouldn’t be missed.

Elsewhere you can discover the opulence and beauty of the Royal castle at Wawel Hill. The Castle consists of magnificent state rooms, private royal apartments of the royal family and Wawel Cathedral. Get to the bottom of the old Polish legend of the Wawel dragon which is said to live just below the castle. Open daily there are many tours to follow to discover the castles rich history and, if nothing else, you shouldn’t miss the amazing views out over the River Vistula.

Other attractions that are worth a visit include the old salt mines at Wieliczka, which started life in the 13th century and continued to produce table salt up until 2007. The mine is now a popular attraction, where you can escape down into corridors and tunnels to find amazing statues and even a lake over 400ft underground. Alternatively, spend an afternoon in the curious Museum of Pharmacy where you can discover a rich history of medicine through the ages from ancient apothecary shop recreations to row after row of traditional herbal remedies. Perhaps you’d like to hire a car and visit Poland’s capital, Warsaw.